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Small Ocean Hikers (EP) [6.11.21]
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Featuring four full-length tracks, my debut EP strives to reflect its summertime release with bright and lively tunes, at times exploding with energy, at times zigzagging with playfulness, and at times drifting through sweet and light atmospheres.


However, I also invite listeners to enter the world of this EP as though it were uniquely crafted solely for you and to attach your own personal meanings to the music.


Part of my affinity for instrumental compositions, after all, is their inherent ambiguity; there is no language telling you how to feel or what to think about or providing any sort of contextual framing whatsoever. I am intentionally leaving space for others to attach their own thoughts, feelings, and interpretations. 

I also find it important, especially as a debut, to pay homage to all the artists who have influenced my style. I do this primarily through my track titles, which are direct references (some subtle and some not-so-subtle) to other artists or tracks that have profoundly impacted my relationship with music as both a listener and a composer.


While paying homage to my influences is important, I should also note that I'm not trying to sound like them per se. I'm also not trying to fit into any one genre classification. With influences ranging from classical, jazz, folk, electronic, rock, and more, this EP aims to craft a distinctly original, intriguing, and refreshing soundscape.


I hope you enjoy the visit.

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